Hardware Pack

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This Hardware Pack contains the most frequently used hardwares in Makeblock platform.The box can be opened in two sides and the size is 160*92*44mm.


Part List:

40x Socket   Cap   Screw M4x8
60x Socket   Cap Screw M4x14
40x Socket Cap   Screw M4x22
20x Socket   Cap   Screw M4x35
50x Nut   M4
20x Nylon   lock Nut 4mm
1x Wrench   7mm
6x Brass   Stud M4*8+6
6x Brass   Stud M4*16
4x Brass   Stud M4*32
30x Plastic   Rivet R4060
30x Plastic   Rivet R4120
30x Headless   Set Screw M3x5
100x Plastic   Ring 4x7x2mm
1x Plastic   Box