Flower 2.2 ProtoBoard-MEGA shield

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We always thinking about what would an ideal platform for most of any given projects look like. Which protoboard is needed by every electronics enthusiast? How can we make a innovative on the traditional protoboard? After thinking about the function of the protoboard, we created the Elecfreaks Protoboards-Flower serials. We hope you like it as much as we do. 
Now let's introduce this product to you. Flower 2.2 is a Arduino MEGA compatible proto shield. This is a very simple but handy, double sided perf board. Standard 2.54mm(100mil) spaced holes for DIP component soldering. Great for quickly prototyping stackable circuits.

The really neat thing about this board is that every pad is like a flower. That is why we named it flower serials. Because of this unique pad shape,the Flower protoboard has some new features compared with traditional protoboard. You can solder SMT component. Include 0402, 0603, 0805:


  • Flower-shaped pad
  • Arduino MEGA compatible
  • Standard 2.54mm(100mil) spaced holes
  • 1mm Hole size
  • Black PCB
  • Easy to use point-to-point wiring, need less solder


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