mBot Ranger

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Enjoy Your Exploration

mBot Ranger Robot Kit is a 3-in-1 STEM educational robot kit which
supports 3 building forms: Off-Road Land Raider, Self-Balancing
Nervous Bird, and Dashing Raptor, the Predator. Program and
control mBot Ranger via smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC to start
your exploration!

  • • 3 building forms – Great for Grades 5-11
  • • Program & control via any smart devices
  • • Endless ways to play with mBot Ranger

 (Please note Batteries Excluded)

Build Your Own Adventure Car

Three forms of adventure car are waiting for you to build. Manipulate your unique adventure car to explore the outside world and to meet the unknown challenge.


Off-Road Land Raider

Being an off-road robot tank, Land Raider is designed to handle a wider variety of terrains than most other vehicles or robot cars.

Self-Balancing Nervous Bird

A two-wheeled self-balancing car which fiercely balances itself and stands up to

the strongest toes!


Dashing Raptor, the Predator

A three-wheeled racing car that runs/spins fast like a raptor which eagers to catch its game.

Create Your Own Program with Easy Drag and Drop Blocks

Coding has become a new modern day language to express ideas, inspiring children’s originality, while helping develop logical thinking. Our programming software is made up of colorful and modularized drag and drop graphical blocks. Children can now feel accomplished when they are able to easily program the mBot Ranger without writing difficult codes.